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Personal Training - Client Transformations

Proof that personal training really does work, take a look at some of our client transformations.


This awesome man has gone from strength to strength, all in he's achieved a mind blowing:

  • 9% drop in body fat
  • 22.32lbs of fat destroyed
  • 5.4" reduced around his waist

Personal gym achievements:

  • 150kg deadlift
  • 3:32 minute plank
  • Never has a need for his inhaler
  • Can do a completely unaided pull-up
  • Greatly improved use of his injured foot which was severely crushed a few years ago!


Over the last 15 weeks Tina has achieved an absolutely incredible:

  • 5.5% drop in body fat
  • 7" reduction around her waist
  • Three dress sizes down on her bottoms
  • Two dress sizes down on her tops
  • Over 14lbs of fat destroyed

Nicole (1 Year Transformation)

Let's get straight to the results

  • Over 40lbs of fat down
  • 9.5" reduction around her waist
  • Dress size down to 14 from 20
  • Gym record for holding lifts


Amanda's five month transformation.

The picture speaks a thousand words!

Let's keep it short and sharp, to date she's achieved:

  • 6.84% body fat down
  • 19.1 lbs of fat shed
  • 7.1" reduction around the waist
  • Dress size down from 18 to 14
  • 125kg Deadlift

1 Year Transformation

17 years old in the pictures on the left, 18 years old in the pictures on the right. An sedentary lifestyle turned upside down has been incredible.

The difference:

  • 11.7% body fat
  • 30.3lbs of fat down
  • 6" reduction in his waist

Leading a sustainable healthy balanced lifestyle.


12 Week Transformation Results

What a journey it's been for Fiona, during these 12 weeks she's had a week away and a weekend away. Yet still achieved great results!

Let's see what she's achieved;

  • 13.2lbs weight loss
  • 6.56% reduction in body fat
  • 16lbs of fat shed
  • 3.2kg of lean muscle gained
  • 4" down around the waist


What Nicole has achieved is nothing short of amazing. Nicole followed, exactly, the programme and nutrition plan I set for her in the gym, at home, work etc., and this is what gets results.

In 12 weeks, she's achieved:

  • Reduction of 6" around her waistline
  • Drop of 21.3 lbs in body weight
  • Smashed a 3.15-minute plank
  • Reduction in dress sizes

What's more, I don't starve my clients on stupid low-calorie diets! No need at all!

Unfortunately, I still don't have any openings for new 1-1 clients unless you'd like to join my waiting list, but I do have online coaching spaces available from just 39 per programme.


For those of you that don't know, this awesome human being had both of his knees replaced and still carries on smashing it!

Check out these stats:

  • Reduced body fat by 6.03%
  • Shed a total of 10.15Kg of fat
  • Waist down by 4"
  • Overall, looking awesome

Cracking work Dave, hard work in and out of the gym really does pay off.

Despite your knee injuries, nothing holds you back, you're an inspiration to many others.


The incredible Sean Brady here....!!!

First topless pictures of Sean to ever see the light of social media, with his permission. Read on to see what kind of inspirational have helped him along the way!

Sean was a client of mine for around nine months in which he dropped a mind blowing 11% body fat, reducing his waist by 5" and shedding 32 lbs of weight!

Since finishing personal training with me Sean has carried on his weight loss, health and fitness journey managing to lose another 11.5 lbs and a further 2.1" from the waist line.

What an incredible, inspirational, motivational, determined, amazing human being.

Sean hasn't been on this journey alone and credit goes to all the others that have helped him over the years and not just myself.

Michael Fernandes DAguiar for all of the fight training he does.

Sam Preece for continuing to help push, motivate and carry on delivering awesome classes at Reasons Fitness LTD. Richard Nash powering each other through training sessions.

Theres so many more to name that can't even do this man justice BUT...

Nothing would have been possible had Sean not wanted it himself. Driving through tough times, smashing PR's and producing a better all round him.

To note, Sean's body fat is now 18.58%, he was 35.51% ten months ago!

Shed a total of 94.6 lbs... WOW, just WOW!

Talk about changing your life around, an inspiration to us all mate.


Kyries transformation is a direct result of her hard work and determination for success. She has shed 12% of body fat, dropped 25lbs of fat and gained over 8lbs of lean muscle. Well done and keep pushing hard!


Congratulations to Pete who's dropped 6.5% body fat since working with AAB FITNESS over the last 12 weeks.

His can do attitude and aptitude for learning both inside and out of the gym has seen him surpass countless personal records with his weight training and all whilst losing body fat!