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Personal Training - Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying about our personal trainers:

Laura Parsons

I'm at the beginning of month 3 and Combat Fuel Fitness has made a huge difference to my life. After 7 surgeries on my foot and ankle and countless physio sessions, I was told that this was as good as it was going to get. I had a niggle/ ache constantly and could only walk a short distance without having a lot of pain.

After seeing the results Alex had achieved with others, I decided to give it a go and gave him a long list of things I was told I couldn't do.

Alex took the time to listen and really understood the problems I faced and with a few tweaks had me doing lots of exercises I didn't think possible.

Not only have the results shown physically with weight loss and increased strength, but I now have days where I am completely pain free. Today for the first time in years I was able to do a shopping trip and spent hours walking around. This would have not been a possibility before.

The gym is a super friendly place to be and everyone is supportive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex and Combat Fuel Fitness to anyone and wish I had found it sooner.

Sandra Jones

I've been impressed so far with this fab gym. Alex has me doing exercises I never thought I'd do. I'm in a wheelchair but with or without his help he has me using bench press, rowing machine, squats and they are sort of improving. I can't take much weight at all through right leg but I improve with the squats. He doesn't let me leave 1 or 2 either. I am surprised he doesn't treat anyone different to anybody else. We have a laugh as well. It's a nice gym, friendly he has banter with all people that go to his gym. It surprises me that I can achieve some things with Alex. He is bossy but it's fun I guess. I want the exercise, but I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. It makes a change that I can do things. If I did this alone on my own I would have given up by now. Alex pushes me to do it. I guess that's what I need. I am quite surprised that I've been with CFF for roughly 6 weeks so far x

Caroline Longman

If you are thinking of coming to train at Combat Fuel Fitness, stop thinking and do it!

The gym has excellent equipment and free weights if you want to work out on your own and Alex has exactly what you need from a Personal Trainer: empathy, knowledge, specialist qualifications, someone who will make sure you reach your goals if you do your bit by putting the work in.

Alex gives you 100% of his attention and the benefits of that in terms of results show very quickly.

This gym is not a poser's palace, but a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment. You will thrive here both mentally and physically.

Strength training is vital especially as we get older. I told Alex that I am not going to be that little old lady who cannot get off the loo on her own, can't get out of a chair, or has falls and is in and out of hospital all the time. When you are strong you stand better, walk better, your clothes fit better, and you feel much much better. Hard work gets results. It is worth it.

Stop thinking, just do it :)

Colleen Flynn-Stridgeon

Well it's been an absolute pleasure to train at combat fuel fitness ltd. Alex is an amazing personal trainer and Genuine nice guy!

So much so, even though I'll be 3000+miles away in Canada I am staying with Alex as an online client!

I am gutted to leave such a nice friendly inviting gym!

All the best Alex see you in hopefully 3 years but I'll be in touch.

Sarah Gough

Such a friendly gym, everyone is really nice and helpful! There is always such a nice atmosphere and Alex is a brilliant PT

Lewis Leader

I throughly recommend this gym! Alex has been a great help with not only my fitness, but helping me explore the limitations around my disability. With the recently expanded gym unit, theres not only more space but more equipment to use. Even with the severe pain due my C.R.P.S, I can go to the gym and knowing not only my foot is safe, but I'm not as limited with the equipment I can use to get my fitness back on track.

Daniel Mckernan

Started with Alex in January after moths of training on my own and getting nowhere. With his knowledge and expertise I have all ready made vast improvements to my training methods, my nutritional intake and also my basic knowledge of all aspects of the gym. Combat fuel fitness is a really nice chilled gym to be in, I feel welcome and part of the family every time I walk thorough the door.


PT with Alex has got me from 22% body fat to 15% in 6 months. Alex knows his subject very well and makes the sessions interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend him for his professional attitude, and also his sense of humour.


I would have no hesitation recomending Alex as a Personal Trainer. Having struggled to get enthused about excercise and strugling to stick to the discipline of regular workouts, I have now dropped from 24% to 12% body fat, track what eat daily, drink less alcohol, eat way less fast food, and feel much much healthier and better all round. I can also keep up with anything my two sons ask me to do with them. None of this would have happened if i hadnt signed on with Alex. Yes its very hard work, but with Alex it becomes enjoyable, rewarding and, most importantly, sustainable.

Stefan Simmons

Top bloke, really helpful and understanding, definitely more of a friend than a pt.

Thomas Cox

I started with Alex, back in August, and I can honestly say that I would happily have him over any other Personal Trainer in the world. The way he actually makes you feel welcome no matter of where you are in your fitness journey whether that be as a complete novice or a avid gym goer.

The results I have seen in myself in this short space of time is amazing, I can't wait for my training sessions each week, even though he really puts you through your paces. But I wouldn't want to train any other way.

Steve Cox

I started with Alex in February this year after being recommended by my wife. I have asthma and a foot injury, but within ten weeks of starting with Alex, I had stopped using my inhaler. I would recommend Alex to anybody who is thinking of wanting a PT, as he has made me feel fitter and stronger to the point that I go three times a week now and I feel better for it.

Tina Tognarelli

After years of thinking I was too old to go to a gym (and far too embarrassed too) my daughter bought me 10 x sessions with Alex for Mother's Day. I was nervous going to the gym the first time and meeting Alex but I shouldn't have been - Alex immediately put me at ease.

After my first session I thought - mmmmm I'm not sweaty or particularly hot - is this going to work for me. 2 days later I was very stiff and aching - obviously it had done some good. I am now 4 sets of 10 sessions in with Alex and am about to sign up for my 5th.

Alex is amazing - he pushes me to my limit and beyond - with safety, knowledge and encouragement. We have a good laugh, but he won't let me get away without putting in the maximum effort.

I have recently been ill, and Alex has been very caring and understanding - easing me gently back into the swing of things.

I have seen fabulous results in such a short time - I would definitely recommend Alex as a Personal Trainer to anyone, of any age, who is looking to train - he is the ultimate professional.

My husband has now signed up with Alex too and we are both losing weight and more importantly inches together. Little bit of competition never hurt anyone!!

I never thought I would look forward to exercise, but I now do - the hardest part is walking out of the front door.

Thank you so much Alex - looking forward to the next stage of my training starting next week :) :) :)


Very good PT, pushes you to the max to ensure you achieve your goals. Sets up nutritional plans and makes sure you follow them. Gives out of gym training where required to make sure I'm doing what needs to be done to hit my goals and improve my general fitness in every way possible. Highly recommend to everyone.

Ross Eardley

Alex is a very dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer who genuinely wants to see you achieve your goals. He knows how to get fantastic results and is a great motivator.

Jonathan Brown

Alex is great. Always works me really hard and pushes me to my limits all while having a laugh. Really enjoy our sessions.

Lisa Brown

Alex is a great personal trainer! Been training with him since the start of the year. We have a good laugh and he makes working out fun! He pushes me much further than I would push myself which is what I needed. Never thought I would be the sort of girl that looks forward to doing exercise, but because of Alex I am.

Paula Williams

I have been training with Alex for about 8 months. I also was never one for the gym, but, Alex as made each session detailed to what i could do and as continued to push me to new levels. He is dedicated, professional, enthusiastic and most of all encouraging. I'm so glad that I was introduced to Alex. Look forward to the next 8 months

Simon Tobias

I've been training with Alex now for 2 months I'm seeing real results and on track to get back into shape. It's great to be pushed hard and beyond boundaries I thought wouldn't be possible. It's great to see changes and keep pushing my physical boundary with someone who clearly knows his stuff.

Amanda Owen

Alex is extremely knowledgeable, not just with exercise but with how the body is composed, nutrition and has the ability to push you further than you would ever push yourself. I'd never set foot in a gym before meeting Alex and he instantly puts you at ease and encourages you right from the start. Every trip to the gym was an enjoyment.

Connor Williams

Most knowledgeable PT I've worked with, any questions with training or diet Alex will always give the best answer.

Amanda Cox

I saw Alex's post on fb that he had openings for new clients. I am no gym bunny by any means !!, but i haven't looked back since 10th October. I love every session ( the rowing machine is not my friend), but i will not let it defeat me. Alex is always there to push you to your limits, every session is different no reason to get bored. Alex has taught me in this short time not to put myself down and anything is possible. Really even if your unsure speak to Alex he really can help and give you advice.

Kezziah Healy

I've been training with Alex since April and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I'd been doing lots of cardio for a number of years but I wanted to change things up and start introducing weights to my fitness regime. I tried going it alone in the gym, but I didn't have the confidence or self-discipline and I kept injuring myself because I wasn't using the right technique. I decided to look for a personal trainer and searched for recommendations online. Alex kept popping up and I was impressed with his reviews and the progress his clients were making.

Alex's knowledge and expertise is vast. He keeps our sessions varied and so they never become tedious. I've found sessions with Alex to be both motivating and challenging; I'm always buzzing afterwards and it's satisfying to see and feel the progress I'm making.

Matt G Ston

Training with Alex has not only been an improvement to my fitness but also a pleasure. In the last few months, with guidance and direction my size, strength and overall fitness has increased at an unprecedented rate compared to my efforts independently.

Alex will work you hard, but no harder than you can take, and the banter and humour is a good laugh. His knowledge of the anatomy and techniques mean you get tailored training specific to your needs. Highly recommend.

Fiona Cook

Alex is a great personal trainer, he has given me the confidence to believe I can achieve the best possible results, my body shape has changed significantly since starting with him. My health has improved and my weight has gone down. He is the best at what he does!

Tim Pashchenko

Absolutely awesome trainer, lots of experience and knowledge. A good friendly guy who will help you achieve your goals and more. Love going to the gym with Alex, would always highly recommend him.

Nicole Domine-Robinson

To be honest, I wasn't looking for any sort of exercise - let alone a personal trainer - when Alex's posts kept popping up on Facebook. The thought of approaching a young, clearly well trained guy, was quite frankly embarrassing. After the fourth or so post I realised that there were clients from all walks of life with great results. They all seemed happy and hadn't run off so I thought 'what's the worst that can happen?' and sent a message.

It went something like this:

'...I could well be your most hopeless case yet... I am overweight, have been for a long time and am totally disillusioned with trying to lose weight. I've tried everything, I've given up everything, from diets to exercises. I don't like any kind of exercise, I'm lazy and find all sorts of excuses not to do any... I'm terribly impatient and don't like the fact it's going to take hard work and dedication to get to where I want to get...'

This sounds very dramatic but that's how I truly felt. I think it's safe to say I was very depressed and frustrated.

To my surprise he didn't turn me away, in the contrary.

Alex is an extremely professional person, taking pride in what he does and how he does it. He made me feel comfortable from the very first session and knows exactly what I can and can't do now and so he won't ever let me get away with slacking.

Don't get me wrong, it's been hard work at times and a fair amount of moaning, huffing and puffing has passed my lips (it just gets ignored) but it's THAT proverbial kick that has driven me to achieve and push for more.

Alex's attention to detail is second to none, no day is ever the same, we have a fair amount of banter and not once have I felt the urge to make an excuse for not turning up. For the first time I love to exercise and I am extremely proud of what i have achieved in the last 3 months: 6" loss round the waste and 21.3lb loss in weight.

Not to forget, I can now fit in a seat on a plane without getting stuck, I feel happier and healthier and am ready for the next 3 months.

Thank you Alex, for proving to me that it can be done.

Stuart Pollard

I can't recommend Alex highly enough. He's always friendly, polite and is very knowledgable and always happy to explain why you're doing what you're doing instead of just telling you to get on with it.

I was very pleased with my results after just 12 weeks

Kerry-Marie Underwood

I have struggled with my weight for years and have tried many different things in order to lose weight. Alex differs the personal training sessions each time in order to push me to what I can do not what I think I can do. Each session is hard but rewarding by the end of the week, regardless of if I can walk after a session...jelly legs doesn't cover it. But after 2 months I am still enjoying the sessions, being pushed to work hard to see results.... I can now no longer see my belly over my boobs when I look down.!! Steady and slowly results for me with my other health problems but every inch counts.

Thanks Alex.

Llewellyn Davies

I have trained for 6 weeks with Alex. Each session has been varied, informed and interesting - testing me in different ways and I have benefited enormously in general fitness, muscle gain and fat loss. I would definitely recommend him and I will be doing another course very soon.

Sarah Pollard

I was apprehensive about starting with a PT after suffering with back pain for many years and struggling to be pain free for any significant length of time, I didn't want someone who thought they could fix me overnight! I chose Alex as he's experienced in dealing with people with similar problems and has always been able to make our sessions interesting and varied despite back troubles.

Never have I had a boring session, Alex is always mixing it up and finding new ways to keep it interesting.

Our sessions are challenging but Alex knows my limits better than I do and I can honestly say that left to my own devices I wouldn't push myself half as hard! But it's paying off and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone!

Pete Foakes

Thought I would put a few words down and thank Alex for his help, been suffering with Achillies Tendon problems which can't be cured but which were really affecting my training levels. Thought I would give it a go and booked a one to one session with the big fella, we talked through why and how it happened, he checked my mobility and range and came up with a plan, seems the problem was on a bigger scale and made me a daily program of exercise working the hamstrings and glutes. Well after years of getting nowhere with doctors and hospitals I now have less pain, more mobility, back lifting weights and starting to do short runs again, BIG thank you Alex so pleased with the results of one lesson a real eye opener.

Ollie Turner

I trained with Alex for a month and he was brilliant, I would recommend him to anyone. He's extremely knowledgeable and is a really great guy, a pleasure to work with.

Clare Elder

Probably one of the best decisions I've ever made was choosing Alex as my personal trainer. From my initial consultation and training session Alex has been extremely supportive, understanding and encouraging.

Alex is a very personable guy, yet extremely professional and knowledgeable. The training sessions have been varied and some what unpredictable, but they are always appropriately tailored depending on your capability at that point in time. Nothing goes unnoticed with Alex... he is definitely a stickler for technique and having the correct form during each and every exercise, which I believe has been one of the biggest contributing factors in achieving the results I have so far. After only 8 weeks I have definitely noticed a difference, not only in size and weight but with my self esteem and confidence.

I really cannot commend Alex enough for everything he has done for me so far... he has really motivated me in trying to achieve my goals, supporting and encouraging me every step of the way- making me stick at it, even when things have been tough (in and out of the gym).

Gracie Linton

I have been training with Alex for about 2 months now. I have Polymyositis, which is an auto immune illness that destroys muscle tissue.

Alex devised a personalised training programme for me to strengthen and tone my muscles. Alex takes great care to ensure that I experience the full benefit of weight training without causing further damage to my muscles and health in general.

I have lost 14lbs since I started training with Alex and I can already see an improvement in my body shape, especially in my problem areas, which are my hips, thighs and stomach.

I highly recommend Alex to anyone who has specific training requirements due to illness and/or disabilities who would like to lose weight, improve their overall fitness, lose fat, build muscle and tone up.

I also think that Alex's rates are very competitive taking into consideration the thought, effort and support he provides.

Thank you Alex, you rule!

Liv Lush

I have undertaken the 12 week transformation and dropped 10.8 kg in weight and lost 14% of my body fat. I'm overwhelmingly pleased with results so far and it has made a huge difference to me for many reasons! During training Alex is encouraging, pushes you to your best and is extremely conscientious about technique. My clothes have had to be changed. Strength has been steadily increasing and have managed to nab a couple of spots on the leader board. I'll be looking forward to the progress to come and getting my first pull up.

Dave Harris

It's only been a few weeks since I met Alex and started on the journey of getting healthier and also getting some strength back in my old legs.

All I can say is Alex is a great coach, he pushes me and gives great advice on the technique of each exercise and also nutrition.

Having not been near a gym for years he really put me at ease.

If you're undecided about getting a personal coach then let me make your decision easy... contact Alex, he is a top guy and inspires me to keep on my journey.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have done to help me reach my goals. To lose 6 kg plus and body fat coming down 14% I feel a better person.

I would certainly recommend your PT Skills to anyone, your army training and humour also helps, it has been worth every penny to me.

Keep up the good work.

Daniel Baker

Awesome guy, very knowledgeable if you want results he will definitely help you achieve them as long as your willing to put the work in, never a boring session with Alex I always look forward to the next one.

Pete Farndell

First and foremost Alex is a top chap who is very friendly, professional and attentive to your needs and requirements, and I feel I've made a great friend. I've been training a while, but found my progress wasn't what it was. With the help of Alex we set clear defined goals and the way to achieve them. Over the course of 3 months I smashed my goals losing 6% body fat whilst getting stronger in the process. I have a 4 month son, so it's tough, however with Alex's guidance and understanding we are continuing to hit new heights. Top work and thanks very much. Onwards and upwards!

Richard Nash

Previously always struggled to stick it out at the gym for more then a couple months, but with the friendly approach and thorough thought out training sessions provided by Alex it has been easier then ever to stick to it and commit myself to working towards my goals. Highly recommended

Sean Brady

Really supportive personal trainer, he helps you reach better results and push yourself further. The sessions feel hard work but it's done with a laugh to make you feel more secure. He is very professional and has helped me use correct form. I would recommend to anyone.

Roy Wolfenden

Having trained for a while solo, and to be honest having not made any real progress for a long time I thought I'd give AAB a try. Alex set me a new tailored exercise and nutrition program every fortnight for 12 weeks. From Alex's advice I soon realised how far off the mark I'd been in my previous training and particularly my nutrition. In the 12 weeks I've enjoyed my training, dropped 3% body fat, (to a lean 11.85% ) and gained 2kg of lean muscle at the same time! Thanks Alex.

Emma Chivers

Alex is an amazing personal trainer. I was so nervous about going for my first session, I almost quit before I had even started. I now absolutely love it. We do different exercises each time, there is lots of variety which keeps the sessions fun. Alex is really supportive and motivates me to keep going when I feel like giving up. I'm excited to see the change in my body shape and my fitness as the sessions go on. If you are looking to change the way you feel about yourself I would definitely recommend you get in touch with Alex.

Wayne Courteney

Really knows what he is talking about, his previous military experience means he takes no prisoners lol but knows how to build someone up well worth the money.

Dan Greenland

Trained with Alex a lot in the Army, he really knows his stuff. Would highly recommend him. Its a small price to pay for the amount of Knowledge you will receive from him, top bloke.

Josh Kent

Great personal trainer!

Really respectful of what you can and can't do! Encourages to lift appropriate weights with correct form as opposed to going stupid heavy and hurting yourself with poor form. At the same time pushes you to your absolute limits! You will notice a difference in yourself and your approach to training after just a few sessions.

Would highly recommend!

Brian Fitzgerald

I personally trained with Alex for a few months, I broke so many of my PB,s with his tuition and motivation.

Whether you want strength or size gains or health and diet advice, young or old, Alex is your man!

Top man!

Joe Rodger

If you're feeling like you're at a dead end with your health and fitness journey, get in contact with Alex. If you're looking for expert advice delivered in a professional and friendly way to help you get the results you're looking for, Alex is your guy.

Couldn't recommend him enough!